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About us

Paella-World-International was founded in 1990 by Martin Burger and Thomas Müller and has been based in Kieselbronn since then, a little town 45 km to the West of Stuttgart in South Germany.

As from its start on, Paella-World-International has followed one single purpose: designing and selling highly professional first-grade mobile grill kits and accessories in many different sizes and for every imaginable application. Our grill- and cookware can be found in modern private kitchens as well as with professional catering services. We attach utmost importance to enabling great BBQ and cooking events and contribute to your personal lifestyle in kitchen and garden.

For more than 20 years we have been on the national and international market with our products working up for our customers’ and partners’ good confidence and satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you and always remain at your disposal with our advice and service.

Sincerely yours,